Unia Europejska recykling
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We manufacture polyethylene regranulates from LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE plastics. We offer for sale LDPE film regranulates for blow moulding.

Our customers are the major manufacturers of dustbin liners and plastic film packaging. We use first-class equipment with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

The line has double degassing system and precise filtration system, which enables us to obtain top quality regranulate. We do our best to meet special requirements of every customer. Regranulate is packed in big-bags or octabins weighing ca. 1 tonne.

In our permanent offer we have a wide assortment of LDPE / LLDPE regranulates.

Our basic products are:

Dark LDPE regranulate - intended for production of dark/ black films. regranulat ciemny
Light-coloured / white LDPE regranulate - intended for production of light-coloured film or for dyeing (e.g. yellow, blue, red, green). regranulat jasny/biay
Transparent/ straw-coloured LDPE regranulate - intended for production of transparent and coloured films. regranulat transparentny/somkowy