ECO-WORLD Plastics Recycling Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


Regranulates - production of regranulates -

The Eco - World company produces high quality PCR PE film regranulates for film blowing from post-consumer LDPE, LLDPE plastic waste.

Each batch of regranulate is recorded and subjected to quality control, and each BB is tested on film blowing. Our regranulates can be used to produce a 100% post-consumer recycled PCR formula.

Our customers include manufacturers of garbage bags, industrial plastic films, construction films and sheeting, as well as many other plants producing PE film for the packaging industry.

We strive to meet individual requirements of each Client.
Regranulates are packed in big bags weighing about 1200 kg. However, it is also possible to deliver regranulates in silos or octabins.
Material standardized in a 12-tonne mixer.

Upon request, we offer a product sheet (data sheet) and safety data sheet (SDS) for our products.

    Our regular offer includes a range of LDPE/LLDPE regranulates with our basic products:

  •   PCRE PE ECO LLDPE (C8) - from haylage - white/light colour
  •   PCR PE ECO TRANSPARENT - transparent - straw
  •   PCR PE ECO KOLOR - colour
  •   100%LLDPE (C8)- 100% haylage - white, green
  •   LDPE/LLDPE transparent (straw)
  •   LDPE/LLDPE colour (grey, black)